What is Kalbodnama?

KalbodNama is a new educational tool and simulator of human body anatomy that by providing different parts of the body virtually and educationally in the form of a smart table with a very easy and fully touched interface can be a very useful educational tool next to the body and instead of educational models.


Why Kalbodnama?

  • Reduce costs associated with the preparation of corpses and educational models
  • Eliminate the dangers while working with the corpse
  • Longer lifespan of a virtual autopsy table compared to a corpse
  • Better educational learning by providing three-dimensional anatomy of the body
  • Facilitate and accelerate the teaching and learning of anatomy and the learning of radiology and embryology
  • Creating equal educational opportunities
  • Ability to enlarge all organs to the desired size without losing the natural color and its details
  • Designing a human model in three dimensions for men and women
  • Moving towards the e-learning system and third-generation universities
  • Ability to train multiple body systems at the same time

Photo Gallery:

General Features of KalbodNama: :


All organs including arteries, veins, nerves, and ... in the form of three-dimensional models and in the form of a system in accordance with the educational observation program

Ability to view anatomy reference books along with anatomy models for additional information

Showing the evolution of human embryos from 15 days to 60 days in the form of anatomical models prepared from real embryos

3D volumetric model made of a cadaver with the possibility of cutting from a point with the desired angle and moving from the surface to the depth of the body with the actual color and shape of the limbs

Cross-sectional anatomy of the body in the form of 1200 color images of cadaver transducer sections along with CT-scan and MRI images of each slide segmented (the range of each member is specified on the images)

3D imaging of CT-scan and MRI images

Technical Specifications


Length: 217 cm / Height: 104 cm / Width: 80 cm


112 kg

Screen Size

Two 40-inch or 78-inch displays (32: 9 ultra-wide)

Screen Size

182 cm x 56 cm

Screen Resolution

2160 × 3840 (4K full quality)


220V AC, 60Hz, 10A (requires UPS)

Power Consumption

900 watts

Operational Temperature

-10 ° C to 40 ° C


10 to 80%



Video Outputs




Some of Our Customers:


Iran Medical University

Tabriz Medical University

Mashhad Medical University

Shiraz Medical University

Tabriz Azad Medical University

Ilam Medical University

Alborz Medical University

Qom Medical University

Kashan Medical University

Birjand Medical University

Iranshahr Medical University

Torbat Heydariyeh Medical University

Dezfoul Medical University

Bushehr Medical University

Neyshabur Medical University

Gonabad Medical University

Bojnurd Medical University

Zanjan Medical University

Bandar Abbas Medical University